Mission and Core Values

MISSION:  Supporting professionals providing accessible and inclusive health, healing & wellness services. 

INITIATIVES:  Love Allegheny's first initiative is to support health, wellness and creative healing arts professionals by providing small grants and sustainable business space . Our aim is to also provide scholarship money for community members to receive wellness services.  Professionals in residence in turn also provide a certain amount of free community services and programming.  For more information about guidelines, the application process and funding click on the tab below.  


WHOLENESS: Love Allegheny wellness professionals view each individual as already whole, containing within themselves a state of perfect being just as they are.   Services are provided with the aim to support each person in their health and wellbeing while acknowledging first and foremost their inherent wholeness.


Love Allegheny aims to provide a community for coming together to explore physical and mental health and wellness practices while supporting self reliance & resilience so that one can develop a sustainable toolbox for life stressors, change and challenges.  


Removing barriers to ones career path and goals in the wellness industry by providing resources otherwise unavailable to boost ones career; whereas each professional can then contribute services back in to the community.  


Wellness is for everyone, there is no certain type of person or particular way of being.  One individuals wellness helps lift up the entire community.   

Phase 1: Outreach initiative


We provide area wellness and healing arts professionals with $500 grants to run off site programs in the community.  

Pittsburgh Wellness Training Scholarship

Training or scholarships provided to qualifying applicants towards education to begin, or continuing education, to advance their career path.

Phase 2: Love Allegheny Wellness Center 922 Middle Street, Pgh, Pa.


Providing affordable office/event space, in Pgh's North Side, to individuals in the fields of wellness and the creative healing arts, at low rent cost and with the support of funding and supplies they need to launch independently.